Jim & June’s Story

“Earth Angels are here to serve as reminders of the true magic that is all around us and within us as well.”

– Jim Spencer   

Jim Spencer’s lifelong love of design led him into architectural design in 19070’s in New York City. Jim and June worked together as a team beginning in 1976. Together, they presented self-help seminars in New York City, as well as teaching acting and public speaking, becoming ordained inter-faith ministers, and published several books on transpersonal philosophy.

June’s enduring interest in rocks and minerals led them to Master Angel Creator Everett Buss. Eventually they apprenticed with Everett until he blessed their work and sent them on their own.

 In 2000, June spurred Jim’s passion for designing Earth Angels. In 2001, the couple met Al and Wanda Johnson and became close friends. Together the four shared a love for art from nature, which grew into an apprenticeship where they taught Al and Wanda the intricacies of designing angels.

Jim worked with hundreds of different types of stones. He found the process of creating angels to be a wonderful meditation. First, he would sit and focus on the stone and then he would let the minerals guide him, creating a unique gemstone sculpture.

When June passed in 2007, then Jim’s passing in 2009, Jim left the care of Earth Angels in Al and Wanda Johnson’s care.