Al & Wanda’s Story

“Earth Angels are here to serve as a reminder of our own guardian angels and the true magic that is all around us and within us as well”

– Al and Wanda Johnson

After retirement in 1995 from Education in Minnesota, Al and Wanda Johnson ventured into the unknown world of travel and tourism. This journey led them from the Grand Canyon to Yellowstone National Park, and exposed them to a whole new world of creative natural artists. These experiences inspired a real appreciation of art from nature.

In 2001 they met Jim and June and the four became close friends. Al and Wanda began an apprenticeship with Jim and June, learning the particular intricacies of creating angels. When Jim passed in 2009 he left the business in Al and Wanda’s care. Surprised by their sudden and unexpected endowment, Al and Wanda accepted the challenge to carry on the Earth Angel legacy. Together they each added their own artistic talents to the angels and the business. Without their care Earth Angels might have disappeared after the passing of Jim and June Spencer. For eleven years they enjoyed exploring their artistic talents with the angels, until their timely meeting with Catherine Anderson at her shop “Follow Your Heart” in Sedona, Arizona, in 2019.