Catherine Anderson’s Story

“Earth Angels are an expression of the love and support that is ever-present and available to us all.”

– Catherine Anderson

Catherine’s journey becoming the fourth generation creator and owner of Earth Angels began with her decision to follow her heart and move from Delaware to Sedona Arizona in 2011. It was there she met her husband Greg and opened a shop called “Follow Your Heart” in 2013. Catherine enjoyed designing crystal jewelry and filling the shop with high vibrational crystals.

Catherine’s strong connection with angels led her to discover “Earth Angels” by Spencer-Johnson in a shop in Sedona. She instantly fell in love and quickly purchased four angels, and even wondered if one day she might be able to sell them in her shop. Little did Catherine know… that one day she would be creating Earth Angels! A few years later, in 2020 with guidance from her angels, she became the creator and caretaker of Earth Angels, and remains so today.

Master Angel Creators Al and Wanda Johnson carefully trained Catherine with the details of angel design while sharing great stories of the previous creators.

Catherine considers being the current owner of Earth Angels an honor and a blessing to carry on the 20+ year legacy, while adding her own unique style and energy. She is in her bliss when she is designing her angels at her “Angel Creation Station”. She accents the natural beauty of the crystals with high angelic frequencies, designing each one to inspire joy, love and healing. Catherine shares, “As I create each angel, I act as a conduit between the angels and the crystal to channel the energy to be a blessing for every owner”.

When Catherine is not creating or working at Follow Your Heart, she enjoys hiking, reading and the magic of Sedona